Smooth Sailing: Managing Your Finances Abroad

5 Minutes

Stepping into another country brings excitement and adventure, but it also requires careful consideration of how to manage your finances effectively.

To give you a hand, we’ve put together some essential tips for accessing funds while vacationing out of the country, ensuring a seamless and stress-free financial experience.

Set Up Your Online Banking App:

Before you embark on your journey, make sure you have your bank's mobile app installed and ready to use. These apps allow you to check your account balance, monitor transactions, and transfer funds—keeping you in control of your finances, regardless of time zones or geographical boundaries.

Travel Notifications:

Your bank is your ally in financial security. Notify them about your travel plans before leaving for your trip. Let them know where you’re going, for how long, and if there’s any stops along the way where you may be using your bank cards.

For example, here at Shore United Bank, you have multiple ways to let the Bank know of your travel plans. You can:

This simple step prevents your transactions from being flagged as suspicious, ensuring that your debit and credit cards work smoothly throughout your international adventure.

Understanding Currency Exchange:

Each country comes with its own currency, and understanding exchange rates is crucial. Research your bank's policies on foreign transactions and currency conversion fees. Consider having a small amount of local currency upon arrival for any immediate expenses.

ATMs and International Partnerships:

Accessing cash abroad is often a necessity. Research if your bank has international partnerships or alliances with ATMs in your destination, offering fee-free withdrawals. While using ATMs, exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings to ensure a secure transaction.


Check with your bank to make sure you will have access to your funds in the specific country you’re traveling to. Due to a higher risk of fraud, some banks will block certain countries, limiting access to your funds for your protection.

For example, currently Shore United Bank has protections in place to limit access to funds in the following countries:

Albania, Bahrain, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, India, Kuwait, Macedonia, Mauritius, Moldova, Nevis, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saint Kitts, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Saudi Arabia, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam, United Arab and Emirates.
Prepaid Cards:

Preloaded with a specific amount and usable like a debit or credit card, prepaid cards are a secure and flexible option. Many international prepaid cards support multiple currencies, allowing you to navigate through different monetary landscapes with ease. Consider obtaining one before your journey for added convenience.

In advance of your vacation, check your cardholder agreement before you travel or use your card as payment in a foreign currency.

Keep in mind that using a credit card can be a safer practice than using a debit card in the case there is an attempt at fraud while you’re vacationing. These fraudulent transactions are easier to dispute with credit cards over debit cards, helping you to protect your finances.

Emergency Support at Your Fingertips:

Keep your bank's contact information handy. In the event of a lost or stolen card or any account-related issues, quick access to support ensures a prompt resolution, letting you focus on enjoying your vacation.

Device Security:

Secure your devices with passwords or biometric authentication, especially those used for banking transactions. This extra layer of protection ensures that even if your device is misplaced, your financial information remains safeguarded.

While many places may offer free wi-fi in your travels, they tend to be less secure and are not recommended when managing your finances online. Safeguard your information by only using more trusted sources for wi-fi like your hotel or Airbnb’s service offering.

The key here is preparation. Accessing funds while on vacation in another country doesn't need to be a source of stress.

By leveraging the tools and services provided by your bank, such as mobile apps, travel notifications, and prepaid cards, you can navigate through different currencies and transactions seamlessly.

Take the time to prepare, stay informed, and enjoy your international adventure with the peace of mind that your finances are in good hands. Safe travels!