Insured Cash Sweep

A convenient way to insure bigger balances.

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Shore United Bank can find a safe home for your surplus funds.

Insured Cash Sweep® gives businesses or organizations with larger cash holdings a convenient way to protect their money.

Although you deal exclusively with us, we distribute deposits above the FDIC maximum of $250,000 per account to other participating financial institutions. At that point, all your funds are insured and you maintain direct access to them through your Shore United Bank accounts.

  • ICS is administered by the IntraFi Network, a trusted partner of more than 3,000 financial institutions in the U.S
  • Your business or organization has peace of mind knowing all funds are federally insured
  • You save time and support the local economy by having your entire banking relationship at Shore United Bank
  • You maintain easy, convenient access to all your funds

ICS Users Include:

  • Nonprofits
  • Municipalities
  • Public and private schools
  • Other large-dollar depositors