Lock Box Service

Let us collect your payments and make your deposits.

Woman opening a lockbox

Eliminate those stacks of envelopes and daily bank runs.

Does your business spend precious hours processing incoming checks before taking them to the bank for deposit?

We can handle those chores for you. With Lockbox Banking, your payments go to a secure post office box and our representatives pick them up and process them.

  • Designed for business that have a significant volume of incoming daily payments
  • Get faster access to funds
  • Free up your office team for more important work
  • Enhances cash flow as funds become available more quickly
  • Reduces fraud through heightened security controls
  • Receive a detailed summary of each day's deposits
  • Increase your customer research ability with easy access to payment archives
  • Faster accounts receivable postings (Images of checks and documents are available as soon as 30 minutes after processing)