Commercial Interest Sweep

Automatic transfers can boost your bottom line.

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Put your surplus funds in position to earn extra money.

Businesses want to see their money work as hard as their employees.

You can make that happen by arranging for excess funds to be automatically transferred from your Commercial Analysis Checking Account to an interest-bearing sweep account.

  • Designed for businesses with large balances and a high transaction volume
  • Together, we'll figure out an optimal amount of money - a target balance - to keep in your business's primary checking account
  • When checking deposits exceed that target balance, Shore United will automatically move it into the interest-bearing sweep account
  • If your checking account falls below the target balance, we'll transfer funds from the sweep account
  • The Commercial Interest Sweep monthly charge of $50 can be offset by balances in your Commercial Analysis Checking account
  • You will not be charged the $15 monthly fee for Commercial Analysis checking if you use Commercial Interest Sweep
  • The Commercial Interest Sweep account has a tiered rate structure, meaning bigger balances can earn more money