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Convenience, control, and flexibility are just some of the benefits of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Whether you are buying a car, building an addition, paying college tuition, or want to create a safety net for unexpected expenses, the convenience of a HELOC puts you in control of your equity.

  • A variable rate equal to NY Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal, 5.0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). (Maximum APR is 24%)
  • 10-year draw period with interest-only repayment during draw period (optional). Followed by 20-year repayment period with a minimum monthly payment equal to 0.42% of principal balance plus accrued interest or $100, whichever is greater
  • Available to primary and secondary residences only.
  • Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) is 85%
  • Closing Costs: Fees and charges generally associated with HELOCs total between $14-$3,000 and are due at closing. Borrower must maintain insurance on the property securing the credit. Itemization of fees available upon request. Closing costs may be advanced from initial draw. 
Please note: Loans are subject to credit approval.

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Have you been dreaming of owning a home? A residential mortgage from our bank may be the key to making that dream come true. Our current initial interest is 3.50% for the first five years of the loan, 4.64% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).* Contact a member of our Possible Team today to see how we can help you start down the path to your new home.

  • Competitive rate available for a 5-year term
  • Lower payment than a traditional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage payment
  • No interest rate changes for the first 60 months

* Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM) rates are subject to change every five years during the term of the loan. For example, terms for a $220,000 5-year ARM amortized over 360 months for a single-family primary residence with a down payment of 20% or more would be an initial interest rate of 3.50% effective for 60 months with monthly payment for months 1 – 60 of $988.27. Beginning at month 60 and every five years thereafter interest rate would adjust to the Average Prime Offer Rate (APOR) reported in the five years to first adjustment column as made available in the “Average Prime Offer Rates – Adjustable” table (index rate) plus a margin of 0.75%. Based on the current (May 8, 2018) index rate of 4.55% plus a margin of 0.75% the interest rate for months 61 – 360 would be 5.25% and the monthly payment would be $1,183.13. The APR for this loan example would be 4.64%. The maximum amount that the interest rate can rise is 5.00% to 8.50% and the monthly payment can rise from an initial payment of $988.27 to a maximum of $1,509.00 in the 16 th year. The introductory interest rate of 3.50% in effect May 2018 is not based on the index rate.   Your payment may increase or decrease substantially depending on changes in the interest rate. Based on increases or decreases in the index rate,payment amounts under this ARM can change every five years beginning five years from the date of your Note. Payments shown do not include taxes and insurance premiums. The actual payment obligation may be greater.

Please note: Loans are subject to credit approval

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Whether you want to build a new home or make renovations to your existing home, we can meet your needs with one convenient loan. Click for more information about our Construction to Permanent Loan.