Christine Thompson Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Christine Thompson headshot

Shore United Bank is happy to congratulate Christine Thompson on 20 years of service.

Christine began her career with the bank in December of 2002 as a part-time teller at the Milford Branch. She then transferred to the Felton Branch, working as a teller for the next 14 years. In 2016, Christine was promoted to the Branch Banking Supervisor at the Felton branch where she currently oversees the daily duties and function of the frontline while also assisting customers.

“Christine is a valuable member of our team and contributes to the success of the company.  We are happy to celebrate her 20 years of service with Shore United Bank,” said Susan Welch, Felton Branch Manager.  

Along with her guidance and leadership skills that contribute to the daily operations of the Felton team, some of the value Christine provides is the ability to develop relationships between the Bank and customers. “I make a difference by greeting each customer by their name and try to make all feel welcome when they enter the bank,” explained Christine. 

In her free time, Christine makes space for hobbies like baking, camping, traveling and spending time with her Grandchildren, Hailey (3) and Owen (1).