Our community of companies is proudly "going purple" during the month of September in support of local initiatives to help bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse, break the stigma of addiction, and encourage positive decision making to navigate life's challenges. 
We'll be providing educational resources in our offices and sharing information on Facebook. We'll show our spirit by wearing purple attire on Fridays and decorating our offices.  We're also hosting a Purple Pet Photo Contest with submissions from our employees.   Below are a few of the adorable "purple" pet photos.  To view the entire album, visit Shore United Bank's Facebook page and cast your vote by "liking" the pet's photo that you like best. The photo with the most likes during the month of September will be named the winner. Be sure to like and follow our page also so that you can find out who the winner is in October!


How can you take a stand against substance abuse?

  • Like your county's "purple" Facebook page.  Here are a few that we're aware of:  Talbot Goes Purple, QAC Goes Purple, Kent Goes Purple, and Dorchester Goes Purple.
  • Talk with your kids.
  • Lock up your prescription medications.
  • Get trained on Narcan (Naloxone).  Narcan is a life-saving prescription drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.  
  • Educate your kids on the Good Samaritan Law, which protects people who call 911 when someone has overdosed on drugs or alcohol.  It DOES NOT protect people who leave when someone has overdosed.
Together, we can make a difference!