Our company's mission is to work for the betterment of the citizens and businesses in our communities. Our employees participate in community projects and work with service organizations that enhance the quality of life in our service area.  We believe in supporting local nonprofit and charitable organizations, such as the arts, education, local fire departments, healthcare organizations and religious organizations that address our communities’ needs. 

Below are some of our most recent noteworthy items along with tips and resources that we hope you find useful and interesting.

Community News

Bosom Buddies Ball

March 2019

Lora Davis, Heather Bacher, Kerry Nagle, and Stephanie Tyler at the Bosom Buddies Ball in 2019

Lora Davis, AVP and Financial Advisor at Wye Financial & Trust; Heather Bacher, Market Manager at Shore United Bank; Kerry Nagle, Branch Manager at Shore United Bank; and Stephanie Tyler, Cash Management/Merchant Services Manager at Shore United Bank had a great time at the 11th annual Bosom Buddies Ball! We proudly support the Bosom Buddies and their efforts to promote breast cancer awareness, encourage early detection, support treatment and celebrate healing.


Washington College Career Meet-Up

February 2019

Diane Brandt and Lora Davis at a career fair at Washington College

Diane Brandt, Branch Manager at Shore United Bank and Lora Davis, AVP and Financial Advisor at Wye Financial & Trust, enjoyed meeting and chatting with all who attended the Washington College Career Meet-Up.

Talli Oxnam Receives Advanced Trust Certification

September 2018

Talli Oxnam

Wye Financial & Trust, a division of Shore United Bank, is proud to recognize Talli Oxnam on her recent achievement through the American Bankers Association. This September, Ms. Oxnam completed her third year of course work in Atlanta and received an Advanced Trust Certification. ABA Trust Certificates show a recognizable level of achievement and knowledge in trust and wealth management.


Tips & Resources

A chalkboard with someone writing numbers on it
Many parents pay for college with a combination of current income, savings and financial aid. By learning the basics of financial aid, you’ll be able to understand how the aid process works and compare the aid awards your child receives.
A notebook with municipal bonds underlined
Bond prices and yields have an inverse relationship, so increased demand generally drives bond prices higher and yields lower, and vice versa. Any such changes directly affect the secondary market for bonds and might also influence new-issue bonds.
An image of a last will and testament
There are three things you should know about inherited IRAs:  (1) it's not really "your" IRA; (2) there are required minimum distributions; (3) Distributions from  inherited IRAs are subject to federal income taxes (with some exceptions).
An African American student leaning her head on books
Though there can be no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful and all investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal, here are six basic principles that may help you invest more successfully.
rocks balanced on a flat stone
In the investment world, risk generally is related to uncertainty.  Every investment carries some degree of risk because its returns are unpredictable. The more volatile an investment is--the more unpredictable its returns--the riskier it is generally considered to be.
A young African American male with his thumbs up
Charitable giving can play an important role in many estate plans. Philanthropy cannot only give you great personal satisfaction, it can also give you a current income tax deduction, let you avoid capital gains tax, and reduce the amount of taxes your estate may owe when you die.



The front of the Federal Reserve with a twenty dollar bill above it.
Our May newsletter reviews the impacts mergers & acquisitions have on investors,  how to recover from a mid-life financial crisis, how the Federal Reserve affects the economy, and more.
A hand placing a coin into a piggy bank

Test your knowledge on social security survivor benefits, review rules for opening 529 plans for college, discover how your employer's retirement plan compares to others, and more in our April newsletter.

Two business women working at their desk
Our March newsletter reviews tips for the upcoming tax filing deadline, 9 things a business owner should know about tax reform, and information on financial aid packages.
Scam spelled out in block letters

Our February newsletter covers how HSAs may be helpful in saving for retirement, provides an overview of some basic types of funds, reviews tax scams to watch out for, and more.