Stock Market Update

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A brief recap of last week's stock market activity, economic news, and an eye on the week ahead.


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A look at socially responsible investing (SRI) and how to align your money with your values. Discussion on financial regrets and how to avoid them in the year to come. Key retirement and tax numbers for 2020. Tips on how to stick to a "no-spend month" - it could save you more than you think!
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How to give like a billionaire when you don't have billions to give. The newest retirement trend is all about retiring EARLY. Benefits and drawbacks of 529 plans for college savings. Whether or not you should sign up for an identity theft protection service. The December newsletter is one you won't want to miss!
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Regrets that retirees have, tax tips for 2019 and how to manage your holiday spending. All this information and more in our November newsletter.
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What can investors take away from corporate reports?  What are the 5 times in your life when you might need help with your finances?  
Get answers to these questions in our October newsletter.  
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Do millennials need life insurance?  What are the 5 retirement lessons retirees need to know? Hear the passive and active debate about mutual funds and more in our September newsletter.    
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Learn about 3 ways to play defense in your stock portfolio, the four key estate planning documents, and what's new in the college world in our August newsletter.


Community News

Bosom Buddies Ball

March 2019

Lora Davis, Heather Bacher, Kerry Nagle, and Stephanie Tyler at the Bosom Buddies Ball in 2019


Lora Davis, AVP and Financial Advisor at Wye Financial & Trust; Heather Bacher, Market Manager at Shore United Bank; Kerry Nagle, Branch Manager at Shore United Bank; and Stephanie Tyler, Cash Management/Merchant Services Manager at Shore United Bank had a great time at the 11th annual Bosom Buddies Ball! We proudly support the Bosom Buddies and their efforts to promote breast cancer awareness, encourage early detection, support treatment and celebrate healing.


Washington College Career Meet-Up

February 2019

Diane Brandt and Lora Davis at a career fair at Washington College

Diane Brandt, Branch Manager at Shore United Bank and Lora Davis, AVP and Financial Advisor at Wye Financial & Trust, enjoyed meeting and chatting with all who attended the Washington College Career Meet-Up.

Talli Oxnam Receives Advanced Trust Certification

September 2018

Talli Oxnam

Wye Financial & Trust, a division of Shore United Bank, is proud to recognize Talli Oxnam on her recent achievement through the American Bankers Association. This September, Ms. Oxnam completed her third year of course work in Atlanta and received an Advanced Trust Certification. ABA Trust Certificates show a recognizable level of achievement and knowledge in trust and wealth management.