At Jack Martin & Associates, we've been providing premier yacht, boat, and marine insurance since 1929.  Catering to clients across the United States and the world and with decades of marine-related experience, we are the aquatic insurance experts.  Our independent agents offer comprehensive coverage options for new and existing boat and yacht owners.  Specializing exclusively in boat, yacht, and commercial marine insurance, we provide a level of service that is unmatched.  We are built on the character of our team and are committed to the success and financial stability of our clients, providing the utmost care in marine insurance.

What is Marine Insurance?

Yacht, boat, and marine insurance are types of liability coverage for your aquatic property.  Your coverage will depend on your property, lifestyle, and insurance needs.  Marine insurance covers not only damage to your vessel but also bodily injury and personal property on the boat.  Boats are considered to be 26 feet or smaller, while yachts are considered 27 feet or larger, which impacts the type of insurance you will receive.  Typically, yacht coverage is broader, more specialized, and more comprehensive due to the vessel's value, likelihood of traveling further, and more prospected time spent on board.  While most policies do not include general wear and tear of your marine vessel, they are crucial in the event of costly damage.

Why Do I Need Marine Insurance?

Much like your home and car, your marine vessel is also an important investment.  To ensure the utmost protection - and more financial stability in the event of damage - insurance is a sound solution.  Stay protected in the event of theft, damage, or bodily injury with a marine insurance policy.  Whether your boat or yacht is for personal or commercial use, insurance may come in handy.  There are a number of risks your vessel may face, from extreme weather to collisions and more.  Marine insurance can keep you afloat, even when your vessel can't.  Some marinas or storage facilities require marine insurance to keep your boat on the property.

Why Jack Martin & Associates?

Our team of licensed professionals will help you decide on a policy that fits your needs.  The cost of your marine insurance depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • The vessel's value
  • Motor size
  • Your usage
  • Geographic location

The team at Jack Martin & Associates will work with you in determining the best plan for your vessel and circumstances.  Passionate about the water, our team treats every client as a member of the family.  Our values of integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism are more deeply rooted, translating to unparalleled customer care for you.

Jack Martin & Associates is a division of the Avon-Dixon Insurance Agency and a member of the Shore Bancshares community of companies, the largest independent financial services company headquartered on the Delmarva Peninsula to offer banking, insurance and investment services.  Thus, we are uniquely positioned to proved you an exceptional lineup of services.  Let us help you reach your financial goals.

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Customer Testimonials

“Angela provided us with patient and professional care. She responded promptly every time I contacted her and she tenaciously communicated with our carrier to ensure their follow-up. Angela’s communications with me always made me feel confident that the issue would be resolved. And it was! Kudos to Angela for her perseverance, proficiency and courtesy. Thank you!” 

– C.K.

"Renee, Thank you very much for getting my dinghy covered without additional cost. I guess the rumor that you and Jon give good service should be reclassified as dogma!! Very appreciative."

- Bob Smith

"You folks are very special and I'm quite proud of our great relationship these past 13 years."

- Gary from Frederick, MD

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