Positive Pay

The check reconciliation feature through Online Banking (also known in the industry as Positive Pay) is a strong defense against check fraud.  This feature allows a commercial user to maintain a list of issued details, such as check number, payee and amount which will be compared to their daily in-clearing checks. 

The system guarantees you a daily report listing any discrepancies between the issued check items and the cleared items.  The user can review the exception items identified and make a decision whether the check should be paid or returned to the depositor. 

How it Works

  • Your company transmits a file containing the checks issued prior to distributing.
  • Checks are presented and compared against your company file looking for a match in check serial numbers and or amounts. 
  • Checks that do not match become suspect and are manually examined for encoding or misread errors.
  • Suspect checks are reported to your company online and the company advises the bank on how to proceed (pay or not pay).

Service Fees

  • One time set up fee of $50.00
  • $50.00 per month fee

For more information or to sign-up for this service please visit your local branch or call toll free at 877-758-1600. 

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