Employees put their hands together to show their united stance against substance abuse

Our community of companies is proud to support the Talbot Goes Purple project and the THP Project Purple in efforts to fight back against the worst drug addiction epidemic in United States' history. 

Talbot Goes Purple is an initiative from the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office and Tidewater Rotary, in partnership with Talbot County Public Schools and Mid-Shore Community Foundation that empowers youth and the community to ‘Go Purple’ as a sign of taking a stand against substance abuse.

The project promotes education and awareness, including the creation of purple clubs in Talbot County high schools, through which students learn that they do not need drugs or alcohol to meet life’s challenges. The project also encourages the ‘new conversation’ between teens and parents, one that includes messages that prescription painkillers aren’t safe to use recreationally. 

Talbot Goes Purple is based upon THP Project Purple, an initiative of the Herren Project that helps people struggling with drug dependencies. Former NBA player Chris Herren founded both projects after speaking to a high school about his struggles with drug dependency. 

 Herren is coming to Talbot County for a community event at 7 p.m. Sept. 19 at Easton High School, with two in-school assemblies also set for all Talbot county students grades 8 through 12. Leading up to Herren’s visit and throughout September, local businesses and communities in Talbot County will ‘Go Purple’ as a show of support and solidarity in addressing our substance abuse program. 

Our community of companies is proudly participating in Talbot Goes Purple and also taking actions to promote education and awareness of this nationwide epidemic throughout Maryland and Delaware to benefit all of the communities we serve.

Here are a few things we're doing to support Project Purple and take a stand against substance abuse:

  • We created a company branded "Purple" button for all employees to wear.

  • Our Facebook pages will "Go Purple" during the month of September.

  • For offices located in Talbot County, our staff will be wearing purple attire in addition to the purple buttons September 18 - 20, when NBA Basketball player Chris Herren is visiting Talbot county. The Talbot County Court house and other local businesses in Talbot County will also be turning the town purple during their visit and the month of September.

  • We're hosting a Purple Decor Competition, and encouraging each of our offices to participate to demonstrate our stance against substance abuse and our support for THP and Talbot Project Purple by decorating their office purple September 1 – 29. Our secret judges will visit each participating location to select one winner in each of the following categories; Most Creative, Most Informative and the office with the Most Spirit. Winners will be announced on or before September 29.

  • Educational sessions will be offered to our employees and their families to learn more about the dangers of substance abuse.

    Employees huddle around Talbot County Sheriff, Joe Gamble after Joe spoke to the employees about the nationwide substance abuse problem.
How can you support Project Purple and take a stand against substance abuse?