At Avon-Dixon, our agents work with you to help you understand the various levels of protection and make an informed decision. We are able to obtain multiple quotes from different insurance companies to provide you the best policy for you needs at the most affordable rate. Whether you're buying a car, truck, or motorcycle; insuring an antique or classic car; or insuring a new driver in your family, we have a policy to protect your assets.

Our auto insurance policies offer various levels of coverage, including:

  • Liability
  • Medical
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Personal injury protection
  • Uninsured/Under-insured motorist
  • Towing
  • Rental
  • Roadside assistance

Motorcycle & ATV Insurance

Our motorcycle and ATV coverage solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Accessory
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Roadside assistance
  • Passenger protection

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Do you live in your RV? Are you a seasonal user or a new RV owner? Your RV insurance needs will vary depending on your use. Our agents can help you determine what level of coverage you need and customize your policy to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Selective (suspend the coverage you don't need during the months your RV is not on the road)
  • Personal belongings
  • Accessory
  • Emergency expenses
  • Theft
  • Flood & fire

Driving Tips

Regardless of the type of vehicle you're driving, the road can be a dangerous place.  Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of other drivers.  Instead, you must depend on your actions and reactions while driving, which can positively or negatively impact your travels.  What this brief video from one of our partners, Selective for some defensive driving techniques to help you reduce the risk of an accident.


Our experienced agents are here to help you better understand the types of auto insurance policies available today. To be sure your vehicle is properly protected, our agents will meet with you to review your situation thoroughly, explain your options, and help you to understand how the coverage you select will be applied in various situations.

Allow us to shop and compare insurance options for you! As an independent agency, we can obtain multiple quotes from various companies to help you select the best policy at no additional cost to you. 

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