Brian Kenney, Relationship Manager

Brian Kenney


Brian Kenney


Relationship Manager in the Delaware market

Schooling Background:

Bachelor of Science in Finance, Financial Planning, with a minor in Economics from the University of Delaware

Community Affiliations:
  • Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals
  • Volunteer at Dover Police Athletic League
  • Volunteer at The Food Bank of Delaware
How long have you worked at Shore United Bank?

I started my career with the Bank in February 2018, so about two and a half years.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a early riser so I like to get into the office between 7:15 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. to catch up on emails and make sure I have all my back office work complete before the day kicks off. Most of my day is spent managing the portfolio of the Delaware lending team; renewing existing loans, reviewing existing lines, and putting together packages for new loans. I am constantly communicating with both clients and internal employees; whether that be over the phone or through email (some of my clients even prefer texting). My next priority is developing my own portfolio of clients. Prospecting is a big part of the job; the bigger your network the better. Whether I am following up on a referral, cold calling for new business, or meeting a center of influence for lunch, the bigger your circle the more business you will generate. I also help our branch managers with commercial requests; it may be underwriting a loan, putting a full package together, communicating with a client, or advising on loan structure. Another aspect of my day is construction administration; I work with borrowers and general contractors to keep projects on track. I like to wind down my day by checking in with my team on anything we can do to get ahead of tomorrow; putting together a proposal to our credit department, creating a presentation to cement a deal with a prospect, or talking through possible pricing exceptions to present to our Chief Lending Officer (CLO).


What interested you in Shore United Bank? How did you hear about us?

I always knew I wanted to get into Banking since I was in middle school, I've always loved money and numbers. I knew that a trainee program was the right move for me because I wanted to be trained in all aspects of the Banking world. I chose Shore United Bank because it is an outstanding community Bank with a true family feel. No where else was I going to get the great hands on training that I experience here on a daily basis. From day one I was in front of customers in the branch behind the teller line. In just a few short weeks I was opening accounts with the Branch Manager. A few months later I was analyzing multi-million dollar companies directly with the Chief Credit Officer (CCO). I have had consistent communication with the President and CEO, CFO, CCO, and CLO since my first week of joining the Bank. John Augustus, the SVP and Market Executive of Delaware, was the one to turn me on to Shore United Bank. I met him through a mutual connection and he took me out for lunch to discuss the Bank and the position before applying.


Why did you decide to join the Management Trainee Program?

It was an easy choice; I wanted an environment that would cater to my strengths and force me to recognize my weaknesses and improve on them. I wanted to learn all aspects of the Bank before choosing my final nesting spot. The program is designed to teach you what each department does so when you graduate you truly understand how your work will affect the next. This knowledge pushes you to go above and beyond to make life easier for your fellow employees.


How long were you in the program?

I was in the program for roughly 16 months. I spent about 2 months in the branch as a Teller/CSR. Another month in loan documentation. About a month in loan operations. Roughly a month in deposit operations. Nearly 9 months in the credit department. Then, I spent the final month or two of the program shadowing a Lender and a Portfolio Manager.


What are some highlights from the program?

I will never forget the first account I opened. A kindergarten aged girl and her parents walked into the branch to open her first Bank account ever. The feeling of knowing I was helping to create stepping stones for this young girls financial success was incredible.

Another highlight of the program was presenting my first underwriting package to our Chief Credit Officer. I remember it like it was yesterday... I walked into his office and began presenting the deal, he cut me off and asked me one simple question. He was obviously dissatisfied with my answer because I was walking out of his office in less than 5 minutes. I spent the next few days turning over every angle of that deal and noting every potential risk and highlighting all the positives. After getting approval for the deal, I felt like I was on top of the world.

Another important time during the program was the first time that I was taken on a customer call. I was still in the credit department and was underwriting a deal for John Augustus for one of our board of directors. I had so many questions and the numbers weren't telling me very much. We sat down for lunch and it all clicked for me that a business is a living breathing organism. It isn't all about crunching numbers because the numbers don't tell the whole story. This particular business is a non-profit that helps low income families attain home ownership. I felt like I was actually making a difference in the community. Fast forward 3 months and that director invited me to his annual luncheon. One of the speakers was a family that the non-profit was able to place into a home. The father was unbelievably thankful and eventually came to tears. That's when it hit me - my job is so much more than crunching numbers, counting money, and building business relationships. My position was having an impact on my neighbors in the community.


Would you recommend the Management Trainee Program to someone else?

I would highly recommend the program to anyone graduating with a business degree who is thinking about making a career in Banking. You will learn invaluable skills that will not only help you in your professional career. but also in your personal life.


What do you enjoy most about working in the banking industry?

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is driving past a small business, a building, or a home and knowing that I had a direct positive impact on those individuals in our community.


What is one word you would use to describe Shore United Bank?



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