Our Community Impact in 2016

In 2016, 130 employees at Shore Bancshares and our community of companies volunteered over 17,000 hours of their time to support over 275 organizations in our serving area. In addition, our staff collected and donated over 3,000 pounds of food to local food pantries.

In 2016, Shore Bancshares and its community of companies had 130 employees volunteer over 17,000 hours of their time to support over 275 organizations.  They also donated over 3,000 lbs of food.  This image shows four hands connect, highlighting one of the previously mentioned statistics on each hand.

When broken down into categories, our employees dedicated over 10,000 hours to Community Development, 1,827 hours to benefit Youth & Education, 1,886 hours to benefit the Environment & Agriculture, and 2,847 to improve Health & Human Services in our communities.

House and Heart graphic to represent community development, employees volunteered 10,490 hours to ward community development; Graduation graphic to represent youth and education, employees volunteered 1,827 hours to benefit youth and education; bird and butterflies graphic to represent environment and agriculture, employees volunteered 1,886 hours to benefit the environment and agriculture; First aid kit graphic to represent health & human services, employees volunteered 2,847 hours to benefit health and human services in our serving area.

Shore United Bank hosted 3 free community shred days in 2016 where 14 tons of paper were recycled. This saved a total of 238 mature trees, 98,000 gallons of water, 42 cubic yards of landfill space, and 6,482 gallons of oil.

In 2016, Shore United Bank hosted 3 Community Shred Days saving 238 mature trees (features tree graphic), 98,000 gallons of water (features water graphics), 42 cubic yards of landfill space (features trash can graphic), and 6,482 gallons of oil (features oil can graphic).

32 Shore United Bank employees volunteered for Teach Children to Save Day last year. In total, our employees presented 49 financial lessons at 27 different schools and reach over 1,300 students!

Community Impact image teaching children to save.  32 volunteers, 49 presentations at 27 schools and 1,358 students reached